I just finished an exam.

I spent the last two weeks, working 9 hours a day to try to decipher what my lecturer was talking about for the last 12 weeks, when he was talking about Geographies of food. I learnt a lot, I though a lot but none of that came out in the exam room.

I got flustered, saw some questions which I had vaguely thought about before and tried to busk an answer. This has happened before, in fact it happens a lot. Due to a lack of composure/intelligence/memory I have struggled to write essays in exams. I can accept that – in order to get the grades that I want I have always managed to boost my marks via essays. These I love; they allow me to be creative and to have an alternative perspective. They show what I have learnt and what I have thought over weeks not just in a couple of minutes.

This leads me to why I’m starting this blog. Its been about two hours since I finished that horrible exam, and what Im most annoyed about is everything I learnt but didn’t manage to say. I want to write those things here. I don’t know whether I’m doing this out of sheer narcissism, a desire to be appreciated, or just so another geographer might also not have to  go through the bore of reading about the ‘identity’ of eating. Anyway, I’m writing it. I don’t really know what I’m writing yet so please don’t expect too much. This might even be the last thing I write – I’m  a pretty lazy person.







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