Post Colonial Geography

Ok so I’m not really sure how a blog works. Anyway, I thought it would be best to do a lot of introductory blogs and then follow these up with little bits and pieces of what I’ve been reading – and what I think about those things.

To start of most of these blogs, I’ll probably chat a little bit about the space I’m in. I guess right now I’m thinking about how space can constitute or bring out the separate selves that constitute us – so it’s kind of interesting ( I am a Geography student after all). The blogs themselves will follow my thoughts, the Geography course I’m currently studying and anything in between.

The first I’m going to start writing about is a few concepts within my Post-colonial geography course. I’ve got an exam on it next week and it has been my favourite course at university (to any geographers out there definitely fucking study it!). So hopefully I’ll have something interesting to write about.





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